OSB plate

The new kind of wood plates, osb, is applied in many types of construction works. Most often they are used at frame construction and internal finishing of rooms.

Make it is focused-struzhechnuyu a plate from the wood sawdust which is stuck together diversely by artificial pitch. This material has a number of advantages. It:

  • Durability
  • Moisture resistance
  • Ecological purity
  • Durability
  • Esthetic look.

Besides, osb plywood can provide sound insulation of the room and thermal isolation. The plate of smallpox moisture resistant does not load strongly a framework as has small weight. It is important also that this material does not decay and on it the mold even is not formed at very high humidity. Thanks to this OSB it is possible to use in roofing works.

Broad application has this material not only in a covering of roofs, but also wall and floor finishing. Do a reusable timbering and partitions, and also temporary protections of osb 3. These plates and in an interior of rooms are used.

Except the mentioned qualities, SMALLPOX it is also fireproof and easy in processing. It does it very demanded in repair and construction works.

There are four brands is focused-struzhechnykh plates:

  1. OSB-1 is used for production of furniture, as packing or a covering.
  2. OSB-2 is applied at production of the bearing designs in rooms with moderate humidity.
  3. OSB-3 use in roofing works and in the conditions of the increased humidity.
  4. OSB-4 apply in the designs subject to big mechanical loading.

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